November 28, 2019

Why Does My Furnace Keep Turning Off?

If you are struggling through the frustration of having your furnace continually turning off, you are not alone. It’s a common problem and one that may have a simple solution. You may be able to correct the issue yourself, or you may need a professional technician to come and make an assessment. Below, are a few reasons why your furnace may keep turning off.

Low Airflow Due to a Dirty Filter or Dirty Blower Wheel

Your furnace is dependent on a certain volume of air blowing through it. The air blowing through the furnace picks up the heat being produced. Low airflow can cause the heat exchanger to overheat, thus shutting down the furnace.

Are you changing your filters regularly? A dirty filter restricts the airflow needed for the furnace to operate correctly. Filters should be changed every two to three months. If you have not changed the filter lately, check it and change it if necessary. See if this change will allow your furnace to keep running.

Another problem that can keep your furnace from getting the airflow it needs is a dirty blower wheel. The blower wheel is what feeds air to the furnace. If the blades on the wheel become coated with dust and dirt, then the wheel cannot feed the furnace with enough air to keep it running.

If you change the filter and are still having a problem, contact the professionals at Prime Comfort of Charlotte, NC. We’ll be happy to come out and assist you with the more technical solutions to this problem.

A Faulty Flame Sensor

A flame sensor notifies your heating system that a flame is present. If fuel is being fed to your furnace without a flame present, an explosive situation can occur. If the sensor does not sense a flame, it will shut off the flow of fuel to the furnace.

If the flame sensor is faulty, corroded or dirty, then it will not be able to sense a flame even when one is present. Since it cannot detect a flame, the fuel will shut off and the furnace will turn off as well. After a certain amount of time, the furnace will re-ignite. The faulty sensor again will not detect a flame and will shut off the fuel source again.

If your furnace keeps turning off and you are not sure what to do, our certified technicians at Prime Comfort in Charlotte are eager to assist you. We will competently assess your problem and get your furnace operating at optimum performance. Call us today for any heating maintenance, repair, or installation issue you have. We’ll also perform those same tasks for your cooling system next summer. We’ll take care of your indoor air quality as well.

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