June 11, 2018

What To Look For In An HVAC Company

Prime Comfort choosing an HVAC companyChoosing an HVAC contractor will take some research, but you must also rely on your common sense. There are guidelines you should consider as what can be the essential requirements a contractor should have before the contractor is hired. There are many types of HVAC units available, but the person that installs the unit is more important. You should do your research on the types of units that are available. The contractor will first determine your needs before the HVAC unit is chosen. Whoever is selected, the company’s customer service specialist is critical, and its policies on installation, service and repair should be understood before you make the final decision. HVAC installers must follow manufacturer instructions and industry best practices.

When choosing an HVAC company, the following factors should be considered:

  • Your decision is not based on who is the lowest bid. HVAC units are machines which should last for 10-15 years and not just water pipes. Several bids are necessary.
  • All the estimates must be in writing.
  • Your HVAC contractor should be licensed with its number clearly marked on the estimate.
  • Contractors should provide you with evidence that if there are any injuries or damages that are the result of their work, they are covered by adequate general liability insurance. Since you are not the contractor’s employer, the contractor should have its own worker’s compensation coverage.
  • Ask for references and online reviews. If there is no website, move on to the next contractor.
  • Seek more information about the experience of the contractor or technician. Are there any certificates of training in installing zone systems? Also, an EPA 608 Certification is certifies training in handling refrigerants. An MSCA is a designation for Mechanical Service Contractors of America.
  • Make sure that the HVAC company checks all technicians and their helpers who could have access to your equipment and facility.
  • Since new technologies have been incorporated in HVAC units you should not replace your old air HVAC system with the same type of unit.
  • The contractor should ensure you that it has timely access to all parts if repairs are needed for the same day service. The contractors truck should have available parts Access to parts & equipment.
  • Contractors must understand the building codes and all local legal requirements for working with equipment. Governmental permits to begin work must first be obtained by the contractor to ensure that their work is up to code to avoid any failed inspections.

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