May 22, 2019

What to Do When Your AC Won’t Turn Off

Air conditioners are finicky at times. For whatever reason, your AC will not turn off. Here are four easy ways to stop the energy waste and test for possibly larger issues.

1. Troubleshoot the Thermostat

When an air conditioner continues to run regardless of how cold the home is, always check the thermostat first. The settings might have reset or the batteries could be dead. Turn the thermostat to room temperature. If the AC doesn’t click off, then it’s likely not the thermostat causing the issue.

2. Check the Fan Switch

The fan switch is located near the blower. It tends to run independently from whatever the temperature reads on the thermostat. The manual override may need a quick check. Switch the fan from manual to auto to align the fan and thermostat settings to stop the whirring.

3. Clean the Condensing Unit Coils

Condenser coils spread heat. Dust and debris dirty the coils and render them useless. An AC attempts to work twice as hard when the coils aren’t at full efficiency. The compressor will run and waste energy at a rapid speed. Check and clean the coils to troubleshoot the constantly running air conditioner.

4. Consult an Expert

The unit’s electronics and the need for them to be clear of dust and debris is a task most people don’t consider. However, a professional is the best route to achieving a well-maintained air conditioner. Changes in energy bills and the sound of a continually running AC are warning signs and demand attention. If the previous steps don’t stop the constantly flowing air, look into hiring an expert.

Saving with Service Experts

The constant running of an AC drains energy and a home’s budget. Maintenance saves overall costs in the end. Serving Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas, Prime Comfort ensures no AC issue goes unnoticed. Our staff is available to keep your unit from entirely degrading. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We can also assist with heating repair, installation, and maintenance, indoor air quality, ductless systems, and more.

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