January 26, 2019

What Areas in Your Home Need More Ventilation?

Having a good ventilation system can be critical, and it may affect many aspects of your daily life and home. For example, a good and properly functioning ventilation system can have a beneficial impact on your health. Conversely, severe health impacts can come from a moldy or malfunctioning ventilation system. Additionally, a well-functioning ventilation system can have a significant impact on your energy costs.

Energy efficiencies gained via a heat recovery ventilation system (HRV) or energy recovery ventilation system (ERV) are ways that designated attention to ventilation flows can help modernize your heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system and lower your energy bills at the same time.

How HRVs and ERVs Work

Both HRVs and ERVs are designed to produce air for your comfort. HRV systems produce warm air and ERV systems produce both warm and/or cool air. What happens to the comfort air in a normal HVAC system once it is blown out your ventilation system? Once blown out of the vents in your home or business, it is traditionally gone and not valuable anymore. With ventilation recovery systems, this traditionally lost air is recaptured and used to condition new air for use by your ventilation system. Under this methodology, the once worthlessly lost air is made valuable in your heating and cooling system, and thereby, this helps lower the work your ventilation system needs to do. Also, this type of air recovery ultimately lowers your energy bill.

HRV and ERV Benefits

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, a fine-tuned HRV or ERV system can help even out the comfort throughout your home or business. Thus, if there are certain areas of your home or building that are receiving uneven comfort (i.e., always either too hot or too cold when compared to other areas), then Prime Comfort can make your air comfortable and even throughout, eliminating these uneven zones.

Services We Provide

As the Charlotte, NC, premiere HVAC service provider, Prime Comfort proudly provides the following services to the greater Charlotte metro area:

  • Cooling system services (A/C installation, repair and service)
  • Heating system services (heating unit installation, repair and service)
  • Indoor air quality
  • Ductless systems
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Premium product installation and maintenance

Prime Comfort offers periodic pricing specials and financing. Schedule your service online, via email or by phone. W

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