April 17, 2019

Save Money With The Duke Energy Program

Rebates up to $450 with Duke Energy ProgramWhen you need HVAC services, you want to find technicians who value hard work and experience. The Duke Energy Program helps you get a deal for energy efficiency. You’ll need to find a contractor with the qualities you want to see in your home. As a contractor available through Find It Duke, Prime Comfort can offer excellent work at an affordable price in Charlotte, NC.

How Do Contractors Qualify?

The contractors available through the Duke Energy Program need to provide quality results to their customers. Industry certifications, experience, and a variety of services are necessary to become part of the program. Customer satisfaction and quality checks influence the acceptance of qualifying businesses as well. Prime Comfort meets all of the standards necessary because we understand HVAC repair and installation. We provide the services our customers need with the quality they deserve. When you need to find a solution for issues you experience with your AC unit, you can rely on us.

Rebates Available for HVAC

There are HVAC install rebates available through the Duke Energy Program. You can use this offer to save money when you decide to use a contractor through the service. You can also use the rebate when you need to install a new system. All you need to do is find the deals available in Charlotte, NC.

Rely On Our Hard Work

We provide every HVAC service our customers need in the Charlotte area. When you want to replace your heat pump or repair an AC unit, our technicians are available. Our services also include indoor air quality and maintenance for HVAC systems. Customers with ductless AC and heating units can rely on our team to help them find a solution. Energy efficiency is an essential part of HVAC services, and you’ll save money when you rely on our technicians. Contact Prime Comfort today to learn more information and to schedule an appointment. Our team will strive to answer any questions you may have.