June 1, 2019

3 Ways to Reduce Exposure to Indoor Air Pollutants

It’s almost crazy to imagine that there’s a good chance your indoor air is worse than the air outside. Because your home is a contained area, pollutants easily build up. Three of the most effective ways to reduce exposure to indoor air pollutants is to ban smoking inside the house, change your air filter frequently, and maintain optimal humidity levels. Read on to learn more about these issues. 1. No Smoking Inside the House Cigarette smoke contains a lot of harmful particles that settle into every area of your home from the walls to the carpets and inside the ducts....

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April 6, 2019

How to Address Uneven Residential Cooling

Here in North Carolina, the summers can get quite warm. That’s when you feel fortunate to have air conditioning. Air conditioning can make everything much more comfortable, but you may have noticed that one room in your home tends to be cooler or warmer than another. Uneven cooling is an issue that we sometimes see here at . It can be addressed in several different ways. Start Small One of the first things you can do is examine your air vents. Sometimes, air vents can be accidentally closed or blocked by furniture, and they tend to get clogged by dust...

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March 20, 2019

3 Reasons to Get Professional Heating Help

There are many things that you can do yourself around your home to keep everything in good working order. However, there are some tasks that should be done by professionals. Any type of heating and cooling system work should always be handled by trained technicians. There are many reasons why you should have professional service for your heating needs in Charlotte, and can provide you with proficient and expert service for all these needs. 1. Licensed and Certified When you are having service performed on your heating system, it’s important to have an experienced professional do the work. A licensed...

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