March 6, 2019

Stop Excessive Static Electricity in Your Home

When touching a doorknob or another person produces an electric shock, excess electrons have traveled from your body to the conductive object. You pick up these electrons by walking on rugs and carpeting, and dry air exacerbates the buildup of electrostatic energy. That’s why the winter months are notorious for these surprising zaps between people. The air has less humidity in the winter, and the circulation of central heat also dries out the air in your home. Below are some ways of controlling the static electricity at your residence. Increase Humidity and Reduce Static Shocks Running a portable humidifier in...

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December 20, 2018

Does My Home Need a Humidifier in the Winter?

Many people aren’t sure whether they need a humidifier in the winter along with their furnace. While Charlotte doesn’t have severe winters such as more northern cities do, the winter is cool enough to need a heater. Heaters remove moisture from the air as a side effect of heating it. In addition, cool or cold air tends to dry out skin. Dehydration is an issue that people often think about during hotter months, but not as much during colder months. However, as the air becomes colder and we turn our heaters on, the dry air can also add to our...

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