May 22, 2019

What to Do When Your AC Won’t Turn Off

Air conditioners are finicky at times. For whatever reason, your AC will not turn off. Here are four easy ways to stop the energy waste and test for possibly larger issues. 1. Troubleshoot the Thermostat When an air conditioner continues to run regardless of how cold the home is, always check the thermostat first. The settings might have reset or the batteries could be dead. Turn the thermostat to room temperature. If the AC doesn’t click off, then it’s likely not the thermostat causing the issue. 2. Check the Fan Switch The fan switch is located near the blower. It...

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May 2, 2019

4 Ways to Lower Your Summer AC Bills

Everyone has experienced at least one miserably hot summer day in Charlotte. This is when you’re glad to get out of the heat and into your nice cool house. However, you’ve probably also experienced the misery of your cooling bills at the end of those long months. It’s often a big expense. What are some ways that you can make a difference and save money on your AC bills this summer? Here are a few things that will help. 1. Maintain Your AC When your AC is working inefficiently, it will struggle to keep up with the heat. It has...

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April 6, 2019

How to Address Uneven Residential Cooling

Here in North Carolina, the summers can get quite warm. That’s when you feel fortunate to have air conditioning. Air conditioning can make everything much more comfortable, but you may have noticed that one room in your home tends to be cooler or warmer than another. Uneven cooling is an issue that we sometimes see here at . It can be addressed in several different ways. Start Small One of the first things you can do is examine your air vents. Sometimes, air vents can be accidentally closed or blocked by furniture, and they tend to get clogged by dust...

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