March 6, 2019

Stop Excessive Static Electricity in Your Home

When touching a doorknob or another person produces an electric shock, excess electrons have traveled from your body to the conductive object. You pick up these electrons by walking on rugs and carpeting, and dry air exacerbates the buildup of electrostatic energy. That’s why the winter months are notorious for these surprising zaps between people. The air has less humidity in the winter, and the circulation of central heat also dries out the air in your home. Below are some ways of controlling the static electricity at your residence.

Increase Humidity and Reduce Static Shocks

Running a portable humidifier in a carpeted room will reduce your chances of building up an electrostatic charge. Such a small unit might suffice if you have one carpeted room where you tend to experience shocks.

Anti-static sprays also exist that you could apply to carpet. Most new carpeting already has an anti-static coating, but it might not suffice when indoor conditions get especially dry.

Other ways to alleviate static electricity in the home include:

  • Simmering water on the stove
  • Adding houseplants
  • Wearing anti-static shoes
  • Placing anti-static mats in high-traffic areas

Central Humidification Produces Consistent Results

To fully manage the humidity throughout your home, you could opt to install a whole-house humidifier. The unit will distribute moisture evenly in conjunction with the heating and cooling system.

In Charlotte, NC, Prime Comfort is a licensed provider of heating and cooling services. We’ll determine which size of humidifier will optimize conditions in your home. We’ll integrate the unit with your existing ducts.

Humidifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality

Central humidification equipment produces benefits beyond halting annoying shocks. Optimal humidity makes it easier for your heating and air conditioning to maintain consistent temperatures. The higher level of moisture in the air also weighs down air contaminants and reduces your inhalation of irritants. Another added benefit to humidification is a lower risk of spreading the flu virus within your home.

At Prime Comfort, we’re qualified to install, repair, and maintain any indoor air quality equipment, including ventilators and purifiers. We also install and maintain furnaces and air conditioners. Call us with your questions today.

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