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services1Prime Comfort HVAC is a full-service HVAC company that offers a wide variety of home heating and cooling services throughout the Charlotte area. Prime Comfort technicians will install, maintain, and repair virtually every kind of home-comfort unit there is, as well as anything the customer needs to make sure they are in control of their comfort at all times.


Heating Services

Prime Comfort employs some of the best people in the business: NATE-certified technicians with years of experience. Our technicians will install, repair, and maintain a furnace, boiler, or any other heating unit you may have. There is nothing the Prime Comfort technicians cannot do for you; after all, they’re North Carolina natives who understand the tough winters that come through Charlotte. It’s those tough winters that make it important to provide quality heating services, and it’s those same tough winters that also bring out the best in Prime Comfort HVAC.

Home heating products are not simple purchases or easy appliances to own, but they’re a major investment that can last up to 20 years. It’s important to make the correct decision, and we are here to help you make that important decision. Choose Prime Comfort today. You’ll be glad you did!

Cooling Services

AC units are the standard of quality living, and we fully understand that. That’s why Prime Comfort technicians put a lot of emphasis on providing quality cooling products and services. The Prime Comfort process begins with a full-load calculation to understand how much energy it will take to efficiently cool your home. The rest of the process, including choosing the right product, installing it properly, and leaving the work area better than we found it, is all a part of what makes Prime Comfort different from the competition. Hot summers are not uncommon here in and around Charlotte, so having a product that runs effectively and efficiently is crucial. Make sure you are up to the proper standard; give Prime Comfort a call today!


HVAC Maintenance & Repair

A lot of people know maintenance is important, but they don’t fully understand just how important it is. Regular maintenance from a professional HVAC technician has a number of benefits. Properly maintained HVAC equipment can:

  • Save money on the energy bill
  • Prevent major repairs that cost excessive amounts of money
  • Make the air in your home much cleaner
  • Put your mind at ease when temperatures are at extremes

All of these benefits are just a part of the reason Prime Comfort stresses the importance of regular maintenance and supports the claims with quality performances. Stop a problem before it starts, and call Prime Comfort today!

System malfunctions are frustrating and inconvenient. However, by working with a professional, affordable, experienced heating and cooling company, the repair process is smooth and affordable. For a low $59 diagnostic fee when you take advantage of our special offer (click here), we perform a thorough analysis of your system to determine the best, most affordable option to repair your system.


Indoor Air Quality & IAQ Products

Something that can float under the radar is the quality of the air you breathe. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is not just about the air you breathe; it also factors into the efficiency of your system. The more efficient the system is, the cleaner the system is. The cleaner the system is, the cleaner the air is. Indoor Air Quality experts at Prime Comfort provide various products and services to improve the air quality for all who are interested in its benefits.

Everyone is different, and everyone has different needs. To meet your family’s air quality needs, take a look at the IAQ products Prime Comfort provides.

  • Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers: Air cleaners and purifiers eliminate contaminants directly. Imagine them as the first assault on air quality issues.
  • Air Humidifiers: A good humidity level is a key part of indoor air quality, and that’s where air humidifiers come in. A humidifier will help to preserve your wooden furniture and aid people who suffer from asthma or allergies.
  • Ventilators: Fresh air is a great way to improve air quality. Ventilators work with your other HVAC systems to cycle in fresh air without wasting energy or undermining the work your systems do.
  • UV Lamps: Bacteria are a threat to your family’s health and safety. UV lamps installed in your system will zap them away with ultraviolet light.

Prime Comfort IAQ experts work directly with customers to get the best indoor air quality solution for their home and/or business.

Ductless Air Conditioner Services

The HVAC industry has come a long way since the invention of the first air conditioner over a hundred years ago, and in the past few decades, it has made some impressive strides. Many new systems and units have hit the market, providing some exciting products to the public. The ductless AC unit is one of them, and Prime Comfort is proud to provide the option to you. Ductless units have the same basic premise as a full-fledged AC unit, but they provide unique benefits for certain situations. They’re perfect for small apartments or additions to a house, and they’re more efficient by design. If you’re interested in finding out more, give Prime Comfort HVAC a call today!

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