Maintenance Plans for Your Charlotte Home

Preventative Maintenance Plans

Prime Comfort HVAC TechnicianEverything that helps keep homeowners cool or warm requires maintenance. Just like anything else that needs a fuel source to run, efficiency is key to getting the most out of it. Imagine having a car and never getting an oil change. Sooner than later, that decision will come back to haunt you. Also, everyday wear and tear affects everything we use; for this reason, steps must be taken to prevent this wear and tear from becoming a serious problem.

Just as nobody should avoid taking their car in for an oil change or a tune-up, nobody should neglect their comfort system.

That’s why Prime Comfort offers a variety of affordable maintenance plans for the city of Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Routine AC Maintenance Service

AC units, furnaces, heat pumps, and HVACs: These are all complex machines with many working parts and different components that keep them running. With so many parts, it can be difficult to determine the problem when a unit stops working properly. In addition, to the untrained eye, it can appear as if a unit is running perfectly fine, but to a highly-trained Prime Comfort technician whose life is dedicated to knowing these machines, the problem will be obvious.

To Give an Idea of What the Typical Maintenance Visit will Include,
Here is a Brief List of What You Can Expect:
Inspect air filters
Lubricate components
Check system controls
Calibrate thermostat
Inspect fuel lines for leaks
Carefully clean condenser coil
Clean exhaust fins
Clear HVAC drainage
Inspect burners, ignition systems, and heat exchangers
Conduct carbon monoxide test
Tighten and inspect electrical connections
Provide complete written evaluation

HVAC experts will conduct a full-system inspection to make sure that all of the moving parts are working at maximum capacity.

Benefits of Our Prime Comfort Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance may be one of the most under-appreciated services Prime Comfort provides. People often think that regular maintenance is not important if their HVAC unit is working properly, but just because it isn’t broken doesn’t mean it’s working efficiently. Highly skilled HVAC technicians work hard to stop big problems before they start, but the only way they can do that is through an effective maintenance plan. Prime Comfort advocates for quality maintenance plans because there is a lot to gain from them.

Our Maintenance Agreement Includes:

Biannual precision maintenance
Restore HVAC system to peak efficiency
Maximize energy savings
Ensure manufacturer’s warranty stays valid
10% reduction on any service related repair
2 year upgraded replacement parts warranty
$50.00 loyalty dollars a year
Priority service 24/7


Learn More About our AC Maintenance Here

Prime Comfort technicians know that a well-maintained system working at maximum capacity has more than just monetary value. It also provides the owner with peace of mind knowing that they are well taken care of when it comes to their in-home comfort. Anyone with a regular maintenance plan can rest easy by knowing that their unit will work effectively and efficiently when the temperatures reach extremes. Owning any kind of HVAC unit is a major purchase with long-term effects in life. Owners who invest in that purchase will get the most out of their systems for years to come.

Duct Sealing

DuctDuct systems play a major role in bringing cool or hot air throughout your home. Properly maintained duct systems can perform this basic function much more efficiently. When ducts are properly sealed, they work much better than when they are leaking air. Keeping the air inside the ducts will save a lot of energy for homeowners.

There is only one question left to ask: How do you keep your ducts sealed? The answer is Prime Comfort’s professional team of HVAC experts. The Prime Comfort technicians will be able leave homeowner’s duct system sealed tightly to make sure the air that goes into the duct comes out where it’s supposed to.

While sealing the ductwork may seem like an intimidating task, the Prime Comfort technicians will clearly explain the process to the homeowners before anything is done. After the ducts are sealed properly, homeowners notice improvements almost immediately in the efficiency of the system. The sealed ducts prevent air from escaping, ultimately saving money, reducing energy consumption, and improving your level of at-home comfort. After all, a unit with sealed ducts doesn’t have to work as hard to keep a home cool. All that is left for the homeowner to do is sit back and enjoy all of the benefits that come with professionally sealed ductwork.

Protect Your HVAC System with Prime Comfort

Whether you’re ready to get started on a maintenance plan or simply want more information about how maintenance can be the answer to your HVAC problems, we’re excited to chat with you!

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