February 5, 2018

Why Should You Have Maintenance Done On Your HVAC System?

Did you know that your home is a massive investment and an American Dream to many? Owning a home is one thing, maintaining it is another. Among other factors that make your home safe, comfortable and welcoming, air quality is crucial. Most homeowners invest a lot in HVAC systems forget the importance of maintenance.

HVAC runs throughout the year making it prone to wear and tear. Regular professional maintenance is necessary to avoid breakdowns and compromising home safety, comfort and financial losses. Here are some of the reasons why HVAC maintenance is paramount.

Lower Utility Bills 
A smart cozy home is one that offers more than what meets the eye. It is one that lowers energy bills. Not only does a properly maintained HVAC system run efficiently but also reduces the costs associated with repairs and replacements.

Improve Air Quality 
An HVAC system is not just for warming and cooling but also for ensuring a continuous supply of quality air. During maintenance, air filters and coils are checked to ensure they are functioning as required.

Failure to replace a worn-out filter could jeopardize the quality of air by providing a breeding ground for airborne diseases transmitted by bacteria, dirt, and mold.

Increase HVAC Lifespan
A well-maintained HVAC system last for ten years without a hitch. The period shows how to get value for money spent on acquiring the equipment, maintenance is inevitable.

Minimal Emergency Repairs
Most HVAC emergency repairs are done during the hard months when they are continually running. Studies have shown that a regularly inspected and maintained HVAC system reduces emergency repair calls significantly.

Warranty Benefits
Most HVAC systems have warranties from suppliers or manufacturers. During the warranty period, buyers can take advantage of free professional servicing, inspection, and maintenance.

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