April 30, 2018

Prime Comfort Featured In South Park Magazine

South Park magazine highlights issues affecting and shaping lives of Charlotte City, North Carolina residents. It features prominent celebs, leading companies, restaurants, apartments. In this year’s 5th Issue Prime Comfort was featured. In the article, we found the following worth mentioning. Customer satisfaction is paramount in every business. Before founding Prime Comfort, Charlotte residents found it difficult to find an honest home service contractor with reasonable prices. Home services such as electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning including indoor air quality are essential in every home. However, Prime Comfort turned lemons to lemonade to serve residents.

Today, Prime Comfort provides numerous services including heat pumps & furnaces, indoor air quality, ductless systems, equipment installation, maintenance, and repairs. As we celebrate achievements made since 1999, let us remind ourselves the importance of indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality is vital in every home. Polluted air is a leading cause of asthma in the accounting for 17 million hospital visits annually as revealed by US Environmental Protection Policy. Common indoor air pollutants include smoke, combustion pollutants, radon, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.

In some cases, the quality of air outside can be better than indoors. For instance, if you are using traditional HVAC systems, make sure air ducts are cleaned regularly by professionals. If not cleaned regularly, dust and allergens build up to toxic levels putting you and your loved ones in danger.

Modern ductless systems are designed to micro-filter air reducing the concentration of allergens, pollen, bacteria and other harmful particles.
Other pollutants need specific devices to either detect or remove. Carbon monoxide is a colorless odorless gas that is not only poisonous but also deadly. In high concentrations, it leads to death. In small quantities, it causes dizziness and headaches. Carbon monoxide detectors enable you to detect the gas and take preventive measures such as evacuation. Similarly, radon detectors are also critical.

We still find ourselves going back to basics on indoor air quality- ventilation. A well-ventilated house boosts the circulation of fresh air and releases pollutants. Before you catch flu ask yourself how ventilated is your home. You can also schedule air quality assessments to ascertain your air.

For quality indoor services or AC repair and installation in Charlotte NC contact Prime Comfort.