January 16, 2017

HVAC Products To Power You Through Winter

HVAC Products To Power You Through WinterBefore winter arrives, it’s important that you make sure you do everything you can to be prepared. That means diagnostic checks on your current systems, professional repairs, and possible replacements. In this blog, we will be discussing solutions to the third scenario, HVAC replacement. One of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner is their heater breaking in the middle of winter. You could go a day or two without heat, which in the middle of winter, is a recipe for disaster.

We’ve already discussed the warning signs of a possible HVAC breakdown, so in this blog, we will discuss efficient products that can help you power through winter, in case your old unit dies.


Furnaces & Boilers alike use the same rating system to indicate to customers how efficient they are. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, and they represent the percentage of fuel used when the system operates. If the AFUE rating is 95, it means that 95% of the fuel is used to keep you warm, while 5% escapes in waste.

It’s a pretty simple way to keep track of how efficient your system is, but one thing to remember is that the higher the AFUE rating is, the higher the price will be.


Condensers (Multi-Stage):
Condensing furnaces use two different heat exchanges to eliminate waste and maximize efficiency. The first heat exchange is what you would typically find in a furnace, in that it starts the process of keeping you warm. The second exchange, however, catches gas & fuel wasted by the first burner and cycles it back into the heating process. Reusing wasted energy is how a condenser ensures your furnace is efficient.

Variable Speed Furnace:
While single speed burners work at a single speed, either maximum capacity or completely off, a variable speed furnace varies its output. It can operate at a high level to achieve your level of comfort quickly, a low level to maintain that temperature, and then everything in between. Precise control over heating speed and airflow provides homeowners more control over their comfort. Increased control in air flow increases the ease homeowners have at maintaining a desired level of comfort, and allows them to focus energy where it is needed.


Boilers are another heating option for many homeowners, and they all typically work the same way. Unless your boiler is really old it runs on oil or gas, and over time they have progressively become more and more efficient. The most important thing to remember when purchasing a new boiler is that size matters.

If you purchase a boiler too big or too small it will overwork to keep you warm at an inefficient rate. A little wasted fuel and energy may not seem like a big deal now, but with an investment that will last more than a decade and probably two, the cost will add up to be incredibly significant.

Air Filtration

Through electrostatic filters, you can utilize the power of electricity, static, to trap air particles. This is an efficient way to make sure the air in your home, ductwork, and system is clean and clear.

Electrical Ignition Systems

Rather than the constant flame of a furnace burner, electrical ignition systems can efficiently spark the system on or off. This saves you valuable energy by eliminating constant fuel usage, and introducing intermittent furnace ignition.

Garage Heaters

Your garage is typically not attached to the heating system in your home, and because it’s adjacent to your home you can imagine it could affect the temperature. Don’t let a cold garage leak into your home and hinder your heater. Invest in an efficient garage heater to make sure your entire home is warm.

Invest In A New Heating System Before Winter Arrives

At Prime Comfort, we believe in making the installation process a quick and easy experience for homeowners. That process begins with being informed, which is what we hope this blog was able to do. As temperatures get to their coldest, your heaters will work at their maximum capacity and if they can’t handle it you’ll find out quickly. Don’t get caught off guard with unexpected heater problems, be prepared and know what systems are out there ready to keep you warm.

If you have any more questions, give us a call today!