April 10, 2017

HVAC Maintenance: What to Expect During a Maintenance Visit

HVAC SystemHVAC maintenance is an essential part about owning a home comfort system. The benefits of maintenance are numerous and long-lasting; everything from extended life to improved air quality to reduced energy bills. It’s clear that HVAC maintenance is a worthy investment. It’s important to know what to expect when it comes HVAC maintenance, so you can make sure you’re getting the real deal. This blog will give you more insight into what happens during a maintenance visit.

Safety Check

An HVAC technician will check to make sure the unit is safe for operation and that your family is not at risk. This includes checking for gas leaks, checking the carbon monoxide levels in the home, and checking the carbon monoxide detector. Cracks and large debris in the system can also be potentially dangerous, so we’ll check for that as well and bring any issues we find to your attention so we can come up with a solution.


Generally speaking, a clean HVAC unit is an efficient HVAC unit. Dirt, dust, debris, and other particles can build up and hinder your unit’s ability to perform properly. With a quick cleaning, you can instantly improve the quality of the air in your home and the energy efficiency of your system. HVAC technicians can also check your ductwork and determine if that should be cleaned as well.

Optimize The Unit

The inner-workings of your home comfort system are very complex, so it’s hard for anyone without a trained eye to know if there are any issues. An HVAC technician can tighten up electrical connections and lubricate all the moving parts to ensure a smooth operating system.

Refrigerant levels for an AC, fuel for a furnace, and air filters are also things an HVAC technician will check to ensure system optimization.

Find Problems & Create Solutions

An HVAC technician will be able to spot an issue within your system quickly. Once that is addressed, they should offer a solution and provide the necessary supplies and expert service to fix the problem completely. Depending on what the issue may be, there may be a need for newer parts or more time, in which case the repair may not occur on the same day.

Answer Questions & Provide A Report

If you have any questions, your HVAC technician should be able to answer them. There should always be an explanation regarding why the technician is suggesting action. If no action is required, you can still ask questions, no matter how insignificant you might think they are.

Prime Comfort Is Dedicated to Your Satisfaction

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