Reliable Furnace Installation and Repair Services in Charlotte and the Surrounding Areas

Trane FurnaceThe good people of Charlotte are not strangers to the harsh winter weather that is common here in North Carolina. To keep people warm, this weather must be met with strong, reliable, and affordable furnace services. Furnaces are your go-to appliance for those who want to keep warm during winter, and Prime Comfort is your go-to furnace expert. To get the most out of your furnace, come to the Charlotte heating experts at Prime Comfort.

Furnace Installation

Before anything else can be done, you must first have your unit installed properly. Improper installation is one of the main reasons why a furnace will have problems at some point down the line. If a unit is too small, it will have to work much harder to keep your home warm. As a result, the unit will build up more wear and tear than the normal amount. By accounting for the amount of heat a home will lose through its walls, windows, and doors, as well as accounting for other load-bearing appliances, Prime Comfort heating experts can pick out the right furnace for you.

After the Prime Comfort contractor helps the customer pick out the properly sized furnace, it’s time to get it up and running. Prime Comfort technicians are very familiar with every state and local building code, as well as the manufacturer’s specifications. This will make the installation a smooth and easy process for the customer and will help to meet Prime Comfort’s high expectations for the best quality installation. Prime Comfort technicians will make sure that every furnace they install is in a great spot to work efficiently for decades to come.

Furnace Service and Repair

When properly installed and maintained, a furnace can last for more than a decade. In order to get the most out of the system and the money that you put into it, homeowners must have it properly maintained. There are a number of ways that homeowners can keep a furnace running efficiently, and Prime Comfort technicians walk them through each of the steps. However, even with a lot of DIY work on a unit, it is always suggested that professional maintenance be conducted on a regular (yearly) basis.

Here are just a few things Prime Comfort does during a normal service visit:

Inspect and change the air filters
Lubricate all moving parts
Check system-controls
Clean and inspect the burner
Inspect electrical wiring
Check fuel lines for leaks
Calibrate the thermostat

24 Hour ServicesProper maintenance will extend the life of a furnace, improve its fuel efficiency, and provide cleaner air to the home. Customers save money not only by reducing their monthly energy bill but also by preventing expensive repairs and replacements down the road. Even more importantly, Prime Comfort technicians provide homeowners with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their heater is in great condition.

Every single product Prime Comfort provides comes with a 24-hour repair team that will respond quickly in any kind of emergency repair. Whether it’s an actual emergency or a non-emergency, Prime Comfort will offer customers a flat-rate price with accurate estimates up front. This way customers are never surprised by the cost of the service or repair.

Whether customers need to install a new unit, maintain their current one, or just have a quick repair done, there is nobody in the business better than Prime Comfort HVAC.