August 15, 2019

Guide to Choosing the Right AC System

In Charlotte, NC, summertime temperatures can really swelter. It’s important to have an air conditioning system that can keep you and your family comfortable. Your budget will be an important consideration in choosing between a central AC system and window units. What other factors should you keep in mind?

How Big Should Your AC System Be?

If you’ve made the decision to go with central air conditioning, remember that air conditioning efficiency is not directly related to the size of your unit. Air conditioning efficiency is related to the unit’s load capacity.

A system whose load capacity does not meet the demands of your household will not provide you with enough cool air. However, a system with a load capacity that’s too large may cycle on and off so frequently that it’s unable to dehumidify the air properly. Your home’s insulation and the climate where you live will also have an effect on an AC system’s ability to cool efficiently.

When HVAC specialists help clients choose optimal AC systems, their calculations are typically based upon one ton of capacity for every 600 square feet of living space. If you live in a home with 1,500 square feet of space, you should be looking at an AC system with a 2.5-ton capacity. It’s smart to leave the calculations to a professional HVAC technician when you’re making this type of decision.

Energy Efficiency and SEER Ratings

Once you’ve determined the load capacity you need, it’s time to think about how the systems you’re looking at compare in terms of efficiency. The U.S. Department of Energy assigns air conditioning systems an efficiency rating called the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The higher a SEER rating, the more efficiently the air conditioning system will operate. An efficient air conditioning system will help you save money on your monthly utility bills.

The HVAC technicians at Prime Comfort will be delighted to work with you to help you find the right solution to your household’s air conditioning needs. We offer heating, cooling, ductless systems, and indoor air quality services. Call our office today to learn more about what we do and to set up an appointment.

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