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Stay WarmLet’s not mince words, when it gets cold in Matthews, NC it gets really cold. Fortunately, most of us have functioning heat pumps or furnaces at home that can keep us comfortable year-round. Unfortunately, some people will end up running into issues with their heating system. That’s where we come into play. At Prime Comfort, our focus is on keeping you warm when the weather outside is anything but. Don’t let life throw you a curveball you can’t hit this winter, let us take charge with all of your heating repair and installation needs.

Exceptional Heat Pump and Furnace Service in Matthews, NC

Have you ever walked into your house on a cold day only to realize that the furnace wasn’t running? Everyone has experienced that creeping dread of cold air blowing from their vents when warm air should be coming out. Who do you call at a moment like this? Well, we’d like to think that we are your problem solvers.

Don’t take us at our word, let our credentials do the talking!

40+ Years of Heating and Cooling Experience
Highly Trained, Professionally Certified Technicians
24/7 Emergency Services – Ready When You Need Them
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed, Nothing Else is an Option

Furnace Services When You Need Them

Furnace Services When You Need ThemWe obviously stand by the talent of our employees and the integrity of our business. However, that doesn’t mean you know what we have to offer. Let’s take a step back and look through the various heating services that we have on offer in order to help our loyal customers.

  • Furnace Repair – When old faithful takes a break from operation, we can step in to help you get it back to being fully operational.
  • Heating Repair Services – Whether you need your heat pump repaired or something else goes wrong, our certified techs can guide you to the solution that you need.
  • Furnace Replacement – In the rare case that your furnace cannot be repaired, our techs can outfit you with the proper furnace replacement to get your home up and running.
  • Heating Installation – Finally, heating systems are notoriously complicated to people outside of the industry. Let us handle the burden for you.

From furnace maintenance to dependable furnace repair, we have the best heating services in Matthews, NC. Contact us today!