October 1, 2019

Early Fall Issues Your HVAC System Might Encounter

It’s time for us to say our final goodbyes to summer and welcome the cooler weather. That means that we also have to get our heating systems up and running. At Prime Comfort, we’re familiar with the signs to watch for and fixes to resolve the issues. Be on the lookout for the following early fall problems your HVAC system might encounter.

Problems With Old Air Filters

In many cases, fixing a problem could be as simple as changing the air filter or having your ducts cleaned. When your filter is outdated, it can lead to inefficient operation of the system. Be sure to switch out your air filters every three months at the very least.

Debris on or in Your Unit

Another common issue is debris that has found its way into the external components of your HVAC system. Leaves and any overgrowth from the summer should be removed to keep the unit free of contaminants. This also goes for anything near the internal components.

Unaware of Repairs

During the summer, there was no need to see if your heating system was working because you never had to turn it on. Because of this, you may be unaware of repairs that may need fixing. Make sure to contact a professional to have these issues resolved quickly.

Bad Thermostat

Your thermostat may also experience problems when you first switch over to your heater. This can be easily checked by testing it to see if the correct temperature is registering and the HVAC system is coming on as it should. If the thermostat is malfunctioning, it’s time to have it examined by a professional technician.

The NATE-certified technicians from Prime Comfort serve residents throughout the entire Greater Charlotte-area. You can count on our expertise to make sure your system is ready for autumn. We handle a full range of heating and cooling installations, repairs, and maintenance as well as matters involving indoor air quality. To schedule an appointment, call us today.

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