July 19, 2019

Ductless Cooling Systems vs Air Conditioners

If you are looking into air conditioning units, you may have noticed that some products are ductless while others are central or window units. Here’s what you need to know about the differences between these product types.

The Basics

The first thing to do is learn a little about the basic differences between these types of cooling systems. A traditional AC system uses ducts to transfer cool air through the house and expel it through vents situated around your home. Ductless AC is a small mounted unit that goes in each room and directly adds cool air to individual spaces.

Installation Costs

Generally, the technicians at Prime Comfort who do AC installations in Charlotte and the surrounding areas find that it is a little cheaper to install ductless systems over central AC. They are usually cheaper because buyers do not have the hassle and expense of installing ductwork throughout a property.

Cooling Capabilities

Ductless systems are usually recommended for smaller homes, since they may not have the capability of cooling down big spaces above 2,000 square feet as a normal AC can. Ductless options are also helpful when you want to keep some rooms cooler or warmer than others.

Energy Efficiency

A final thing to consider is how each product will affect your utility bills. It can be hard to compare the two since the quality of a person’s ductwork and the unit they purchase makes a big difference. Generally, top-of-the-line ductless systems are more energy-efficient than the highest-quality central AC units.


A ductless system is usually quieter than standing right next to a central AC unit. However, the right central system can be almost silent while some ductless units can be quite noisy.

At Prime Comfort, we can help with all types of cooling systems! Our talented team is experienced in handling installations, maintenance, and repairs for heating and cooling units. Get in touch with us today to find out more about what we have to offer. We also provide indoor air quality services.

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