February 16, 2016

We’re Debunking 5 HVAC Myths!

Debunking 5 HVAC MythsAs we work, we come across many different questions about AC units, furnaces, and other HVAC products. More often than not, we come across misconceptions about how home heating and cooling units work. These “urban legends”, if you will, are a result of a basic lack of information on the subject and miscommunication between customer and technician. But don’t worry, we’re here to remedy that issue today with a little HVAC myth debunking.

Here are some of the most commonly heard air conditioning questions and myths, and we hope that by answering these questions, or debunking these myths, that we will help you live with a little more money and comfort:

“If I close the vents in empty, or rarely used rooms, can I save money on my energy bill.”

If you have a modern air conditioner, which you most likely do, the air pressure is balanced throughout the home. So, blocking a vent will hinder how the system circulates air and throw it out of balance.This can lead to long-term problems because the unit will work harder, and less efficiently.

“Can my AC give me a cold?”

High use of an AC can make you cold, but it cannot give you a cold. Cold temperatures that come with winter can weaken the immune system, which explains why there’s an increase in sickness during winter. That being said, the cold alone is not enough. You can only catch a cold from a virus, not the temperature in your home. Yet, if the filters in your unit haven’t been cleaned and the air your AC is pumping through your home is dirty and full of pollutants, this can cause issues. But the fact remains, the AC is not the cause for whatever it is that ails you.

“Can’t I just buy a fan to keep cool during the summer and save money on energy?”

Sure you can, but you really shouldn’t. Fans don’t create a cooler temperature within the room, they merely create the illusion of temperature change. So if you are willing to sit underneath or in front of your fan during the hours you spend inside your home, then sure. The reality is that fans, in general, will not actually make the room cooler or solve your issues like an air conditioner.

The only way to effectively cool your home is an air conditioner, and we offer several, energy-efficient options that will save you energy and money.

“Can I save money by turning off my AC while I’m out of the house?”

Think of it this way. If you do, your house will be much hotter when you come home. Therefore, when you bring it back to a comfortable temperature, your AC unit (or your heater during the winter) will have to work harder. This does not, however, mean that leaving the thermostat at the same temperature all day is the way to go. Having your AC unit programmed to warm up the home a little during the day, while you’re gone, does save energy and money, but going to th e extremes of turning it off or putting it on a very high temperature is a bad idea.

“Is duct tape is the best way to seal leaks in your ductwork?”

We understand the similarities in the name, but no, duct tape is not the best option. Even more so, it really shouldn’t even be considered. The only way to effectively seal leaks in your ductwork is to have a professional HVAC technician come and seal it. This will increase airflow and boost your unit’s efficiency. Something that duct tape is not capable of doing.

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