Central Air Conditioner Installation, Replacement, and Repair Services in the Charlotte Area

Charlotte is well aware of the hot summers and high heat waves that come through every year. That’s why it’s important to make sure you keep cool in your home with reliable and efficient air conditioning. Good in-home comfort comes in the form of quality air conditioners, and Prime Comfort can help you obtain that and more. Prime Comfort technicians can install, repair, service, and replace any kind of cooling system you have or need.

Work smarter, not harder. That’s something the Prime Comfort technicians like to preach to customers. What they mean is that your AC unit works hard throughout the hot summer months to keep you cool, so AC cooling efficiency is very important. To make the system as efficient as possible, it must be regularly serviced by professional technicians. Fortunately, Prime Comfort can do that for you.

Trane AC SystemWhether you need regular maintenance, a quick repair, or a completely new, upgraded system, Prime Comfort has the AC experts that can get the job done. The technicians who work at Prime Comfort have years of experience, important certifications, and the trust that only a quality career can bring. They provide quick and friendly services, as well as affordable prices, in order to ensure that they leave customers cool and satisfied during the summer.

No matter if you live in the city of Charlotte or in the surrounding areas, Prime Comfort can and will serve you!

AC Installation and Sales

A problem that is seen all too often in home comfort is a house with an improperly sized air conditioner. This leads to inefficient cooling, increased wear and tear on the system, and an inflated energy bill. That’s a lot of problems for a unit that has just been installed!

To avoid this situation, the technicians at Prime Comfort start every project with a full-load calculation to find the best home-system match. Prime Comfort experts will measure the home’s square footage, layout, insulation, and load-generating appliances to figure out how much cooling power will be needed. After the techs do their job, the customers will pick out the AC unit that is sized to meet their needs without wasting energy.

Prime Comfort Technician InstallationAfter the Prime Comfort HVAC tech has helped select the correctly sized system for the customer, it will be installed and running as soon as possible. The thorough training and experience of Prime Comfort technicians will make this a smooth process for the customer. Exceeding the customer’s expectations is Prime Comfort’s goal; leaving the customer satisfied and cool for years to come is Prime Comfort’s promise.

One of the worst mistakes in the industry is installing the wrong AC unit because it causes several problems before the unit even starts running, so Prime Comfort takes the installation process very seriously. That’s why when it comes to your new system, you shouldn’t call anyone other than Prime Comfort today!

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

24 Hour ServicesPrime Comfort deploys fast response maintenance and repair teams because an AC unit that stops working in the middle of summer is more than an inconvenience – it’s a threat to your health. Prime Comfort provides 24-hour service seven days a week to make sure consumers stay cool during all hours of the day and night. Hours are flexible to ensure technicians can work around the busy schedules of our customers for in-home visits. The expert technicians at Prime Comfort strive to make big problems a rarity and to resolve minor repairs quickly.

Reliable air conditioning all summer long is important, and Prime Comfort strives to make sure the people of Charlotte can depend on quality technicians to repair and maintain those AC units. When something does go wrong, they respond quickly to rectify the situation for a great price. All these reasons and more make Prime Comfort the number-one choice when it comes to your cooling needs.

Call Prime Comfort today so you can live comfortably and cool!