December 20, 2018

Does My Home Need a Humidifier in the Winter?

Many people aren’t sure whether they need a humidifier in the winter along with their furnace. While Charlotte doesn’t have severe winters such as more northern cities do, the winter is cool enough to need a heater. Heaters remove moisture from the air as a side effect of heating it. In addition, cool or cold air tends to dry out skin. Dehydration is an issue that people often think about during hotter months, but not as much during colder months. However, as the air becomes colder and we turn our heaters on, the dry air can also add to our...

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December 17, 2018

Benefits of Financing a Heating System

The winter weather has arrived in full force and families are starting to think about how they are going to keep their loved ones warm. Of course, many homes already have a heating system in place; however, will this system last the entire winter season? What happens if families turn on their heating system and it doesn’t heat the home well? Families might notice that their heating bills are rising. Maybe their heating system is making noises. These could be signs that a new heating system is needed. How is a family on a budget supposed to afford this? Financing...

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November 25, 2018

How to Find the Best Furnace for My Home?

There are lots of challenges when it comes to owning a home. These include financing the home, moving into a new place, and adjusting to a new community. One of the biggest challenges that families often have to deal with is finding the best furnace for their home. There are lots of different variables to consider and many families find this process to be overwhelming. While everyone would like to stay under budget, there are lots of hidden costs that could arise as well. These include emergent repairs to the furnace and also the utility bills that the furnace is...

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