May 2, 2015

5 Must-Know Tips to Get Your HVAC Ready for Warmer Weather

Spring is here, and summer is quickly approaching! It’s important to be proactive in preparation for this year’s warmer weather. By following the 5 tips in this post, you’ll be ready for this year’s heat waves before they arrive. It’s easy to avoid thinking about your home’s cooling system during the cool months of early spring. The weather is beautiful outside, and it’s a great opportunity to open up your home and enjoy the fresh air. However, once the temperatures begin to rise, our first thought is to kick on the air conditioner. If you have waited until now, there’s...

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April 15, 2015

9 Tips to Get You and Your Wallet Through the Remaining Cold Months

Although spring is quickly approaching, the cold tends to linger in the Charlotte area. Seeking shelter indoors is a great method to escape the uncomfortable temperatures, but warming your home can use a large sum of energy and cost a lot of money. The good news is that there are strategic approaches that you can take in order to not only make your home more comfortable but also to save you money in the process. By following the 9 practical tips outlined in this guide, you will save money and live more comfortably at home during the few remaining cold...

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March 1, 2015

The Latest Improvements in Furnaces

Furnace technology has advanced significantly over the past two decades. Manufacturers continue to push the envelope of efficiency, comfort, and safety. Homeowners with an aging or obsolete central heating unit may want to consider the many benefits of owning a new, energy-efficient model. Condensing Furnaces Conventional furnaces employ a burner array and a single heat exchanger to complete the heating process. Warm air is blown into the living area, and waste gas is naturally exhausted through a venting system. Condensing furnaces incorporate a second heat exchanger to maximize the efficiency of the burn cycle. Thermal energy usually lost after the...

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