December 16, 2016

How to Choose a Good HVAC Contractor Without Getting Scammed

Homeowners who find themselves with a broken HVAC are often put in a very precarious situation. They’re living a life without in-home comfort, and that can be difficult depending on the weather outside. Naturally, anyone who has a broken HVAC would want a repair done or new unit installed as soon as possible. If you rush the process, you could find yourself vulnerable to bad HVAC contractors, or worse, scam artists. In this blog, we will guide you through step by step of what you need to do to make sure you hire a reputable HVAC company. Follow these simple...

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August 16, 2016

Your Complete Guide To Air Filters

We talk a lot about filters and the benefits they provide to AC units and homeowners, so much so that we decided to dedicate an entire blog to them. We understand that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to purchasing an air filter, so we are providing help to you for the next time you need to get new ones. Air filters should regularly be changed throughout the year with more frequency during the cooling season. The benefits of doing so are also undeniable; you can save up to 15% on energy just by replacing...

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July 10, 2016

6 Energy Efficient Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Summer is here and it is hot; one thing that is as common as heat in summer is high energy bills. We get it, nobody wants to sit in discomfort inside their own home. Naturally, the remedy for a sweltering summer is a cool A/C inside, but that can become expensive. We see it all the time, family’s energy bills spike during May, June, July, and August, and if you’re on a budget, this spike can do a lot of harm. So to provide you with affordable solutions that will save you money, we developed this blog. The following tips...

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