July 31, 2018

Benefits of Safety Devices

Prime Comfort Safety CheckProbably the hardest working part of your home or office, the HVAC system, requires additional help to function properly and safely. A number of safety devices exist that keep your HVAC systems running better.

Safety Measures and Devices

The best safety mechanism is not a physical device, but regular maintenance by trained service professionals. Look for NATE certified technicians who can keep your heat and air system running safely. They will be able to suggest, install and upkeep important safety devices that install to your HVAC system.

Make your air conditioning or refrigeration unit safer with for different compressor-related safety devices: a high pressure cut out, a low pressure cut out, an oil low pressure cut out, and an oil extractor or separator. Too high pressure can cause structural failure. An oil or oil pressure deficiency damages the unit’s bearings. Low oil pressure can allow air to enter the pipeline.

Air conditioning units come with a drain pan that collects moisture created by the system’s cooling mechanism. Too much moisture overflows the system and the drain line backs up. This can cause health-endangering microbial growth that can cause mold. The safety device that solves this problem is a safety float switch. This switch attaches to a small ball valve that floats if moisture starts collecting in the drain line. This activates the safety switch which turns off the compressor. This simple switch saves you money, too, since it helps avoid machine damage and failure. Not all units come with this switch, but they’re available at a reasonable cost and easy for a professional to install.

Prime Comfort Installs Safety Devices

Prime Comfort of Charlotte, NC values your safety, so our certified technicians install and maintain a number of safety devices. We service the not only Charlotte but the outlying area. Our long established, reliable business provides exceptional customer service and clear, straightforward pricing. Call us today for a free work estimate!

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