April 16, 2019

Benefits of Product Warranties

Most new purchases these days come with a warranty on the product. Many consumers want to know about the specific benefits of these warranties. Here are a few things you should be aware of when considering this topic.

Predict the Cost of Ownership

Some items come standard with only a limited warranty, but you’ll often have the option to purchase an extended warranty for your product as well. The specifications in a warranty can help you predict the long-term cost of owning your equipment. If a part or a component fails, you won’t be stuck with a high repair bill. Most parts and many repairs are covered under these warranties. At Prime Comfort, we install all makes, models, and brands of HVAC equipment for the Charlotte community, and we realize that the warranty is an important part of the new equipment.

Free Parts

You have to expect wear and tear with a heating or cooling system, but you should also be able to look forward to reasonable longevity. Occasionally, however, a major component fails before its time. If you have a manufacturer’s warranty, you wonΓÇÖt have to worry about those costs. An authorized dealer will come to your home to fix your system. In most cases, it will be the same company that completed the original installation.

Reduced Labor Costs

Many warranties from manufacturers will cover the labor costs of the specified repair. You will have to consult your particular warranty for details. There are sometimes two periods of coverage. Often, the first year or two includes total replacement of anything that might malfunction, and a subsequent period covers repair and replacement costs depreciated on a sliding scale.

Transferable Warranties

Did you know you that the warranty on most HVAC systems can be transferred? If you decide to sell your home, the warranty for your heating and cooling equipment can be conveyed to the new owner. This will add to the resale value to your residence.

If you have any questions about purchasing new products with dependable warranties, the staff at Prime Comfort would be happy to help you. Our trained team can assist you with any questions regarding heating or cooling installation, repair or maintenance. If you’re located anywhere in the Charlotte vicinity, you can rely on us for all your heating, cooling and air quality needs.

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