October 17, 2019

Why Air Filters are Important for Your Heating System

When was the last time you changed your furnace air filter? If it’s been a while, now is the perfect time to freshen it up! At Prime Comfort, we understand that air filter replacement is the key to keeping your system running cleanly and reliably for years to come. Here are a few reasons why freshening the air filters in your furnace is critical to your home’s comfort and your heater’s efficiency.

Cleaner Indoor Air Quality

A clean air filter catches dust, dander, and debris, meaning they no longer circulate through your home. Once the air filter gets clogged, its ability to purify your home’s air is significantly reduced. You may even notice an increase in allergies, asthma, and other respiratory concerns. Luckily, there’s an easy way to restore your home’s air quality: simply change the air filter every month or two so that you can breathe easy again!

Maximum Energy-Efficiency

Did you know that a clean air filter helps your furnace run at peak energy efficiency? Clogged filters make it difficult for air to pass through, so your heater has to work harder to move air through your home. This forces the unit to consume more energy and drives up your heating costs. Freshening up the air filter is a simple way to cut back on your energy expenses.

Longer Furnace Lifespan

The harder your furnace has to work to keep your home comfortable, the more wear-and-tear it undergoes. This additional strain can lead to problems with the system overheating and burning out. Ask any Prime Comfort technician and they’ll tell you that clogged air filters are one of the most common reasons for premature system failure. Changing the air filter is a simple and cost-effective way to put off an expensive heater replacement.

Reliable Heating Services in Charlotte

Ready to freshen up your furnace air filter? Doing so is a sure-fire way to keep your home comfortable and your furnace running at peak efficiency. Air filters are inexpensive — especially compared to the cost of emergency furnace repairs and replacements.

We’re here for all of your furnace needs, including replacement, repair, and installation. We also offer a full range of cooling services and can help with your indoor air quality needs. Give Prime Comfort a call to work with one of Charlotte’s best furnace contractors!

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