April 27, 2017

3 Tips to Help You Find the Right HVAC Contractor

Prime Comfort HVAC TechnicianSummer’s right around the corner, and temperatures are on the rise! Is your AC prepared for the summer heat? If your air conditioner malfunctions during the hottest time of the year, you need to turn to a trusted, experienced HVAC professional for assistance. Check out our 3 tips to help you find the right HVAC contractor for your home or business!

Want to make sure you hire a trusted, professional HVAC contractor? Here are our tips on what you should do to make sure you find the right HVAC contractor for you!

1. Research

The first thing you should do when approaching any HVAC topic is research. With the vast amount of information on the internet, a simple Google search can help you begin to understand the terminology and topics in the industry. After reading the educational content you find, you’ll feel more empowered to make an informed decision.

When searching online, start with informational resources, such as services pages and blog posts. Once you’ve found a few companies that have captured your interest, look for online reviews, certifications, partnerships, licenses, and find out if they offer the service you need. This will put you on the right track to finding the best fit for you!

2. Ask Your Friends

All homeowners and business owners have to deal with HVAC systems from time to time, especially when there’s a breakdown. Ask your friends and colleagues about HVAC companies they’ve worked with in the past. Chances are they had a good or bad experience to talk about and will be able to give you ideas of who to talk or who to avoid.

Referrals from friends, family, and neighbors are a great way to get to know the HVAC contractors in Charlotte. Information you learn from trusted sources is a great way to narrow your search. You can find out about prices, customer service, services provided, and more just by talking with a trusted friend.

3. Get to Know Local HVAC Companies

Once you’ve researched and asked around, call or visit HVAC contractors to get an idea of who they are. We love talking to people who are interested in our products and services, and we understand that you may not know a lot about the industry. We’re here to help!

Personal interactions are good indicators of how the level of service will be. If you receive exceptional customer service from the start, it’s likely you’ll receive it through the entire process.

Remember, you’re in control. Be confident, proactive, and curious. We’re happy to explain our process to you. Don’t just settle for an any HVAC technician; be sure to look for the best possible service in a reputable, insured HVAC company.

BONUS: Look for HVAC Specials

One way to know that an HVAC company cares about their customers is to look for specials, rebates, financing, and exclusive offers.

Here at Prime Comfort, we really care about our customers. HVAC products and services can be expensive, so we want to help defray that cost as much as possible with our special offers. Click here to see our specials!

Prime Comfort: Trusted, Professional HVAC Service

If you’re searching for an HVAC company to work with this summer, you’ve come to the right place. Prime Comfort is your premier HVAC company that serves Charlotte and all of the surrounding areas. We consider it a privilege to work with you, and we’re excited to discover the ways we can help you become more energy efficient and comfortable in your home or business!

If you have any HVAC-related questions, or if you’re at the stage where you want to start a conversation about the best HVAC solutions for your home, give us a call today. We hope to speak with you soon!